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Fixing the Mirror: Peering Into Body Image Issues:Her Story: Hall survives anorexia

<i>Fixing the Mirror: Peering Into Body Image Issues</i>:Her Story: Hall survives anorexia
Corenne Hall’s anorexia nervosa dominated her life between ages 13 and 16. As a dancer, Hall had a constant drive for thinness. She now focuses on fitness and keeps her body healthy through exercise and proper nutrition habits. / photo by Celine Dehban Kellie Galentine Online Editor Five years ago, Corenne Hall sat during her lunch break as a freshman at Charter Oak High School in Covina. As the... 

Fixing the Mirror: Peering Into Body Image Issues: ‘Thinspiration’ perpetuates unrealistic body ideals

<i>Fixing the Mirror: Peering Into Body Image Issues</i>: ‘Thinspiration’ perpetuates unrealistic body ideals
Sexualization of women leads to eating disorders, depression and low self-esteem Elizabeth Ortiz, senior journalism major, has her waist trimmed, arms slimmed, eyebrows raised, thighs reduced and boobs lifted using Photoshop. Edits made to the photo are similar to those made to models in magazines and advertisements. The Truth in Advertising Act of 2014, which will be reintroduced to Congress this... 

Commentary: Loving your curves is making progress

<i>Commentary</i>: Loving your curves is making progress
Christina Collins Burton, Editor in Chief I am a girl with curves and I am proud of that. Three years ago though, I was sporting big bulky black sweaters, oversized shirts and hid behind a forest of hair everyday to become as invisible as possible. I never saw proud curvy women on television, in movies or even on posters. The role models that were thrust into the lime-light were perfectly fit, photoshopped... 
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