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Overzealous fans take game too far

Overzealous fans take game too far
Editorial cartoon by Jacob Bogdanoff Sports fans are some of the most passionate people. However, some take it too far. It has come to the point in which teams fight until the final buzzer and fans fight to the death. Take the Dodgers-Giants rivalry for example. In March 2011, Bryan Stow, a San Francisco Giants fan and a married father of two, was taunted, beaten and kicked in the parking lot of Dodger... 

Fan violence needs to stop

In sports there are fans who the teams rely on to show support by attending games, buying merchandise and even trash-talking with the fans of rival teams. Sometimes the trash-talking can escalate to violence, like the incident that happened after the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Opening Day victory against their rival the San Francisco Giants. After the game, Giants fan Bryan Stow was brutally attacked by... 
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