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Musical integrity dies with artists

Even from beyond the grave, musicians are being sound-checked and compiled into posthumous albums. Amy Winehouse has been dead for a little over three months, and her record company is already looking to garner in money with a new record. Set to release on Dec. 5 the new album, “Lioness: Hidden Treasures,” contains a collection of unreleased tracks that span Winehouse’s career. Winehouse is one... 

Dead celebrities kill media credibility

Steve Jobs drove a Mercedes without any license plates and was never ticketed for it. Steve Jobs was a supposed deadbeat dad. Steve Jobs died at such an early age of 56. Steve Jobs. Amy Winehouse. Michael Jackson. Heath Ledger. Anna Nicole Smith. These, among many more, are the names that reigned your television sets 24 hours, eight days a week. While across the nation, police brutally assault protesters... 
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