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LV students would rather be broke than sick

Liz Ortiz Staff Writer In a recent informal survey, students at the University were asked if they would be willing to be infected with the flu for $3,000. Thirteen out of the 20 students interviewed said they would not be willing to get sick for the money. During the flu season, people do everything in their power to avoid getting sick, but now the National Institutes of Health is offering participants... 

University joins Veterans Day Parade

University joins Veterans Day Parade
Angie Anderson, associate director of student life, walks alongside Steve Anderson during Monday’s Veterans Day Parade on Magnolia Avenue toward Veteran’s Hall, at the corner of Magnolia and Bonita Avenue. The Andersons are followed by sophomores Chris Gonzalez and Kellie Galentine, who carry art drawn by students at the University of La Verne. / photo by Uyen Bui  Read More →

Students disagree with government shutdown

Alison Rodriguez Staff Writer Fourteen University of La Verne students shared their opinion on the government shut down earlier this week. The overall opinion of students was that Congress has gone too far in shutting down the government. Congress has ceased funding many federal operations and placed more than 800,000 workers on furlough due to the fact that they have been unable to agree on a budget... 

CAB fair promotes healthy lifestyle

CAB fair promotes healthy lifestyle
Freshman Resident Housing Association member Garrett Hoffman quizzes students on proper laundry settings at CAB’s Health and Fitness Fair Sept. 19. David Vorobyov, junior, celebrates after winning a shirt by answering the questions correctly. RHA was promoting good mental and emotional health along with cleanliness for first-time college residents. / photo by Celine Dehban Alison Rodriguez Staff... 
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