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Students reflect on ‘Natural History’

Students reflect on 'Natural History'
The first showing of the spring semester in the Irene Carlson Gallery of Photography entitled “Natural History” by photographer Traer Scott is a collection of candid portraits captured in the reflection off the glass at the American Museum of Natural History. Professor Al Clark discusses the photographs with his honors colloquium class while other students and faculty spoke with Scott over webcam.... 

Leaver gives panoramic view of Los Angeles

Leaver gives panoramic view of Los Angeles
Associate Professor of Art History Jon Leaver’s lecture Monday addressed the process and application of panoramic photos in Los Angeles. Leaver also talked about the idea of panoramas in the Judy Garland film “A Star is Born.” / photo by Julian Burrell Kat Simonelli Metro Editor Jon Leaver, associate professor of art history, presented his faculty lecture titled “Urban Sublime: Visualizing... 

Watergate editor shares Kristallnacht memories

Katie Madden Copy Editor A large group of faculty, alumni, and students attended Harry Rosenfeld’s lecture, “From Kristallnacht to Water­gate: Memories of a News­paper­man,” Sunday in the Campus Center. This was the third annual lecture at the university commemorating Kris­tall­nacht or the “Night of Broken Glass.” Rosenfeld has led a long and successful career in journalism and is best... 
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