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Commentary: Professors are people too

<i>Commentary</i>: Professors are people too

College is the start of every student’s professional career. Here we are able to expand our minds with lectures about our field of interest and discussions in the classroom.

Millennials: the next great generation?

Some University of La Verne students were getting ready to compete in a basketball game for charity recently. Their hope was to of raise money for the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation, which benefited the National Kidney Foundation.

Dating on campus favored by students

A recent survey on campus found that the majority of ULV students give the notion of dating classmates thumbs up.

College students overshare STDs

College students overshare STDs

It was close to evening and Barbara’s Place was nearly empty – only clusters of students filled the seats. One group that hung out at a table outside was happy to talk about sexual health – in general. The students got quieter, however, when asked if they would share their STD status on the Internet.

Humorous memes animate the online world

Alex Forbess Staff Writer An Internet user creates a meme to express his excitement by using a photo of an 11-month-old with a determined face and clinched fist and surrounds it with a statement saying his girlfriend finally gave an answer of where to eat. Sammy, better known as the “Success Kid,” is one of many […]

Freshman struggles with alcohol

Freshman struggles with alcohol

Leah originally did not think her drinking was a problem, even though after her first drink, she felt the need for more.

Please silence your cell phones

Please silence your cell phones

There is nothing more annoying than being in a theater with a person who lights up the darkness with the blue glow of their smart phone. Or even worse, when they answer a call and hold an entire conversation during the most serious part of the story.

News is more than celebrity

News is more than celebrity

ULV students are not in tune with what is going on in the world, but they have an opinion about anything that is thrown at them.

Popular apps provide connection

The iTunes app store is close to 25 billion downloads. One billion apps are being downloaded from the Android market every 30 days. Mobile apps are an emerging market with no end in sight.

Shooting Cupid’s Arrow

Shooting Cupid's Arrow

University of La Verne students find creative ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

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