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Comic book day disappoints real enthusiasts

Michael Saakyan Staff Writer When the Campus Activities Board announced National Comic Book Day would be held on the South Quad on Wednesday, some students expected a miniature version of ComicCon, however all they got was what looked like a child’s 8th birthday party. The single booth had a mask-making station where students were encouraged to create a secret identity using glitter and feathers. A... 

Comic fans bug out over new shop

Comic fans bug out over new shop
Angel Peralta has been working at A Shop Called Quest in Claremont since its opening six months ago. The store, located in the Claremont Village at 101 N. Indian Hill Blvd., sells comic books, licensed character toys and sponsors a gallery of fan art. / photo by Uyen Bui Michael Saakyan Staff Writer The city of Claremont added a hint of geek to its chic boutique stores in March with the grand opening... 

Kayono discusses manga in a new way

Ingrid Rodriguez Staff Writer Manga artist Kayono discussed her influence and showed some pages for her series, “Shojo Girls Comics in Action.” On Feb. 15 at Pomona College, about 60 people went to learn more about manga, a Japanese genre of cartoons, comic books and animated films. “Manga is basically media on paper,” Kayono said. Since her mother was a freelance manga artist, Kayono was exposed... 

Gulf War felt through family

Gulf War felt through family
After recently being reunited with a collection of comic books, Juan Garcia thinks about his childhood and all the scheming and saving he and his brother did to get the books. “I remember that one of us had to distract my mother so that one of us could go buy the book,” he said. Garcia, ULV senior international business major, has not seen his brother more than a year. Sgt. Victor Garcia, his... 
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