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ULV complicates relationships

ULV complicates relationships
Students Kenneth Carcamo Jr., Danny Moriel and Megan Sears dramatize an awkward moment of dating at the University of La Verne. Because the campus is small, a student can often encounter old flames. / photo illustration by Sonora Hernandez  Read More →

Students share dos and don’ts of dating fashion

Amber J. Guadez Staff Writer When it comes to first dates, students tend to get stumped on what to wear. Dress to impress or be casual and comfortable? University of La Verne students share their dos and don’ts of first date fashion. “It depends on what you’re doing or where you’re going,” junior business major Riley Liebel said. The objective of a first date is to get to know the other person... 

Dating on campus favored by students

Brian Velez Staff Writer Women have estrogen, men have testosterone, and spending day after day in the same class with the opposite sex may cause tension. Nonetheless, a recent survey on campus found that the majority of ULV students give the notion of dating classmates thumbs up. Of the 55 students surveyed by the Campus Times, 37 felt dating another student was a good idea, while 18 did not. Of... 
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