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Targeted killings miss the mark

In the past four years, 326 reported U.S. drone strikes have occurred within Pakistan with an estimated 1,707 to 3,025 deaths – more than 400 of them reported to be civilian bystanders. All of this within a country that the United States is not at war with. Under President Barack Obama’s administration, the use of unmanned, combat air vehicles, or drones, armed with missiles and surveillance... 

Charles Doskow feels use of drones is legal

Charles Doskow feels use of drones is legal
Professor Charles Doskow from the University of La Verne College of Law spoke in the President’s Dining Room on Monday. In his lecture, “Defending Ourselves Against Terrorism: Targeted Killing by Drones,” he described the advantages and disadvantages of using remote controlled, unmanned machines to target terrorists abroad. Doskow served as the dean of the College of Law from 1980 to 1985,... 
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