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New policy spills on dry campus

New policy spills on dry campus
Editorial cartoon by Jacob Bogdanoff When people hear the word tailgate, two things comes to mind, food and alcohol. La Verne, a dry campus, has adopted the idea of tailgating after “months of hard work and intensive research,” according to a student email sent out by the University on Sept. 18. This pilot tailgating policy specifically sets out what they are trying to do, “provide an additional... 

ULV is a dry campus on paper only

Saying that the University of La Verne campus is dry is like parents telling their children that the Easter Bunny exists, yet everyone knows the truth. Alcohol is openly served at some faculty and alumni events on the ULV campus, yet the administration continues to label the campus as dry. This label is inconsistent with the current activities, policies and products available on the ULV campus. Students... 

Some students approve of wet campus, survey finds

Robert Penalber Staff Writer Students and staff are divided in their opinions about whether the University should revise its current “dry campus” alcohol policy and become a “wet” campus, a recent survey found. ASULV President Nick Sloot conducted the survey to determine how students felt about a wet campus and to later present the results to the Board of Trustees. “I didn’t want to set... 

Commentary: Policies need to be enforced

<i>Commentary</i>: Policies need to be enforced
Kristen Campbell, Editor in Chief Laws, policies and rules are made everywhere to make those involved safe. They are at companies, in countries and even at the University of La Verne. However ULV seems to make some policies just to up their reputation, not to actually abide by them. On the Campus Safety website, it says, “The University of La Verne is a ‘dry’ campus … prohibiting possession... 
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