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University prepares for next shake

University prepares for next shake
Victor Gomez, customer service team lead for The Gas Company explains to University Advance­ment Office Manager Renee Heckenlaible when or when not to shut off your gas line at home in an emergency. University Evacuation Team Leaders attended the Great California Shake Out in the Campus Center Oct. 16. Gomez demonstrated with a wrench how to shut off a line, but warned that it could take a long time... 

Quake preparedness critical to LV

Kristine Delgadillo Staff Writer The University of La Verne has taken extra precautions toward earthquake preparedness in light of recent earthquakes in the Los Angeles County to prepare students and faculty in case of emergency. A campus-wide earthquake drill took place April 15 in every dorm at ULV. Drills were led by the resident advisers and each was trained on what to do in an event of an earthquake. “I... 
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