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Make an informed decision

For the upcoming election on Tuesday the Campus Times editorial board has some recommendations on a few ballot measures. We recommend “yes” votes on Proposition 20, and “no” votes on propositions 23 and 27. With regard to Proposition 19, we want to be sure voters collect all of the facts before issuing a yes or no vote in a knee-jerk decision. The California State Constitution requires... 

Stop the mudslinging

Mudslinging has always been an interesting side effect of elections. Commercials are broadcast smearing each candidate, exposing the skeletons in their closets. Which happens every time an election is about to occur. Which brings us to the California elections this year. Smear campaigns have taken on a new life in this election. The majority of commercials and advertisements are not advocating the... 

ASULV elected officials want change

Elsie Ramos Staff Writer Students at the University of La Verne voted last week for ASULV officers, in a less conventional way. To simplify the process and eliminate paper waste, the student government organization held is first online elections. “Last year the votes were close and we had to count all the votes by hand,” said Director of Student Life Barbara Mulligan. “It was too time consuming.” This... 
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