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Commentary: Collins’ courage will change sports culture

<i>Commentary</i>: Collins’ courage will change sports culture
Elsie Ramos, Sports Editor It has been long overdue. Finally an active member of one the four major sports leagues in the United States has come out as an openly gay man. NBA free agent Jason Collins broke Twitter the morning of April 29 with his announcement, via a Sports Illustrated essay, that he was gay. While he is not the first athlete to come out, he is the first active male athlete to do so.... 

Commentary: There is hope after all

<i>Commentary</i>: There is hope after all
Elsie Ramos, Sports Editor For the last four seasons the football programs has been at the bottom of the La Verne sports totem pole. The baseball program went to the SCIAC tournament three out of four seasons, and won the tournament once. The women’s volleyball team had an undefeated season and went to the NCAA championship game. Those are just two of the programs that have had success while our... 

Commentary: A misunderstood obsession

<i>Commentary</i>: A misunderstood obsession
Elsie Ramos, Sports Editor I have an obsession. And that obsession is sports. It began I was little and my dad signed me up for soccer. Every time there was a family event, we would build a makeshift goal and play a game of five on five. We would worship the soccer players on television; my idol was Mia Hamm. She was everything I wanted to be: fast, graceful and had excellent footwork. I remember asking... 

Commentary: Let’s all just play fair

<i>Commentary</i>: Let’s all just play fair
Elsie Ramos, Sports Editor Covering a sporting event is one of the most exciting things to do in the field of journalism. You get to feel the energy of the crowd, the emotions of the players and the thrill of the game. When one of our staff writers comes up to me and tells me that the game was really good, I get excited because I am thinking that I am going to get a good story. But then their faces... 

Commentary:Baseball’s beauty to be shown in October

<i>Commentary</i>:Baseball’s beauty to be shown in October
Elsie Ramos, Sports Editor Last semester I wrote a commentary piece about the 2010 Major League Baseball season, in which I said that most likely it would be the same teams going to the playoffs this year. I was not completely wrong, but there were some teams that took me by surprise. The American League has the usual suspects: the New York Yankees and the Tampa Bay Rays fighting for the AL East and... 

Commentary: Mexico City brings culture, not fear

<i>Commentary</i>: Mexico City brings culture, not fear
Elsie Ramos, Sports Editor When my parents first told me that we were going to take a family vacation to Mexico City, I got a nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach. All I had heard from the media, other family members and my boss was how dangerous Mexico City was and how a different American was getting kidnapped and held for ransom every other week. Co-workers were telling me to be careful and... 
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