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Cummings documents HIV crisis

Cummings documents HIV crisis
Valerie Cummings, associate professor of broadcast journalism, analyzes the dangers of HIV and AIDS after showing her documentary “Women at Risk: Black Women and the HIV/AIDS Epidemic” Tuesday in the President’s Dining Room. Cummings’ 25-minute film examines the lives of black women who have been affected by the disease. She said it was difficult finding women to interview, but she had more... 

Students hunger for fast and healthy dining

Kellie Galentine Staff Writer Students want another on campus eatery, and 10 out of 16 students asked in an informal survey think that the University community would benefit from a deli-style sandwich shop. With Davenport Dining Hall and Barbara’s Place as the only two options for food on campus, people often resort to leaving campus to get food. By adding another place on campus for everyone to... 
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