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Debate focuses on green regulations

Powerful words, knowledge and different points of view filled the President’s Dining Room on Oct. 28 during a debate put on by the University’s debate team for the Hot Spots lecture series.

Make an informed decision

For the upcoming election on Tuesday the Campus Times editorial board has some recommendations on a few ballot measures.

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor for the week of Oct. 29, 2010.

ULV should consider green energy

Solar panels would save the University money, save energy and make a positive impact on the environment.

Drill out energy alternatives

The issues of the safety of American lives and the environment have been in the headlines a lot recently. In the wake of only a couple months following the coal mine accident in West Virginia, the Gulf of Mexico has fallen victim to a large oil spill.

No star for Energy Star program

When consumers purchases appliances with the Energy Star label, they often think they are saving the environment and some cash down the road.

Only you can help save the planet

Only you can help save the planet

Instead of going green, let’s go efficient, because we are capable of preserving our home planet Earth.

Lecture's focus is sustainability

Lecture's focus is sustainability

The University of La Verne faculty lecture series continued Monday with Jack Meek’s presentation “Citizen-Centered Sustainability.”

Have yourself a very green Christmas

Have yourself a very green Christmas

Christmas time is here and so are the electricity bills from our treasured holiday delights.

GIVE sparks recycling program

The Green Institute for Village Empowerment has implemented a new program intended to increase recycling in Founders Hall and ultimately the entire campus.

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