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Dunn challenges accepted weight loss theory

It is hard to believe that losing weight could be as simple as a 20 minute exercise regimen three times a week combined with a Mediterranean diet, but Assistant Professor of Move­ment and Sports Science Sarah Dunn has proven the truth of the statement.

Lecture addresses the politics of fear

Lecture addresses the politics of fear

Jason Neidleman, professor of political science, and Gitty Amini, associate professor of political science, discussed the effects of 9/11 on the liberty and security of society in their lecture on Tuesday.

News Briefs

Campus and community events for the week of Oct. 21, 2011.

Talk tackles historic conflict

Talk tackles historic conflict

Bill Cook, professor of English, and Moroccan Fulbright scholar Sawsan Hussein teamed up to explain the current and historical aspects of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by describing it from political and humanistic angles.

Olson analyzes social networking

Facebook has evolved beyond a vehicle for keeping up with friends into a way for people to get ahead in their professions and more.

Sayles examines extremist group

Contrary to public opinion, Patricia Hearst was not forced to join the Symbionese Liberation Army, but willingly did so, according to files owned by Professor of History Stephen Sayles.

Public administration could aid lagging economy

Matthew Witt, associate professor of public administration, demonstrated the usefulness of the study of public administration by sharing his lecture “Integrity in Public Admini­stration: Toward New Vistas” on Monday in the President’s Dining Room.

Lecture markets ‘The Soloist’

Professors from the College of Business and Public Management demonstrated the versatility of marketing techniques on Monday through “Selling the Soloist,” the first lecture in this year’s Faculty Lecture Series.

Roark discusses personal boundaries

Roark discusses personal boundaries

The Faculty Lecture Series featured Assistant Professor of Law Marc Roark, who spoke on “Property and Process of Sacred Space,” Monday in the President’s Dining Room.

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