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Carl’s Jr.’s sexist ads are tiresome

Carl’s Jr.’s sexist ads are tiresome
Editorial cartoon by Jacob Bogdanoff and Des Delgadillo Model Charlotte McKinney walks through an outdoor supermarket in the beginning of Carl’s Jr.’s latest commercial, however there is something missing—her shirt. The overtly sexual commercial follows McKinney through the market as men’s heads turn, as it appears that she does not have on any clothes. She is going “all-natural” just like... 

Commentary: Being conscious of what you eat takes work

<i>Commentary</i>: Being conscious of what you eat takes work
Kristen Campbell, Editor in Chief As hopefully everyone knows, obesity is a national epidemic and sadly the bad eating habits have been passed on to younger people, including children. In a time of economic crisis, people are working multiple jobs to pay the bills and therefore overlook healthy eating as a part of their busy day. It has become more convenient and cheaper to run over to McDonald’s... 

Don't be fooled by fast food

It seems like fat America is becoming increasingly aware of the unhealthy effect junk food has on society. Michelle Obama has taken on Childhood obesity, Jamie Oliver just launched his “Food Revolution” show on ABC and KFC just eliminated bread from one its sandwiches. But there lies a problem in certain attempts at making the world a healthier place: deception. The fast food chains that surround... 
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