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FBI disses Fourth Estate

FBI disses Fourth Estate
editorial carton by Jacob Bogdanoff and Des Delgadillo Christopher Soghoian, a technologist at the American Civil Liberties Union, announced that the Federal Bureau of Investigation created a fake newspaper article linked with surveillance software in order to track a school bomb-threat suspect back in 2007, and the revelation has undermined the media’s credibility. The FBI sent a link to the 15-year-old... 

Animal cruelty to be ‘A’ felony

Karla Rendon Editorial Director The FBI will increase the consequences of violent crimes against animals by reclassifying such crimes as  Group A felonies, FBI officials announced last month. This means that animal abuse will be considered a serious crime against society and stricter penalties will be enforced. The four categories for animal cruelty are simple or gross neglect, intentional abuse... 

Rape definition update is progress

Ever since the Federal Bureau of Investigation proposed to change its definition of “rape” in 2011, removing the word “forcible” and making it inclusive to all genders, the number of reported rapes has increased. This change forces us to reevaluate what society, especially victims, define as rape. The current definition of rape under the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report is “Penetration, no matter... 
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