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Watson on track with HeForShe

Over the past few months, Harry Potter actress Emma Watson has positioned herself as an advocate for gender equality. After being appointed as the United Nations Women’s Goodwill Ambassador and presenting a speech launching her HeForShe campaign, Watson received a threat from an unknown 4chan user claiming she would be the next target of the celebrity nude photo leak. The threat was posted to the... 

Misogyny headlines La Vernapalooza

If the lyrics: “Beating and stabbing it / Speaking of stabbing it where ya bitch she just text me,” don’t tickle your fancy. Then maybe: “She wants to touch me / She wants to love me / She’ll never leave me / Don’t trust a ho / Never trust a ho” or “See the switch when she walk / Give the bitch an applause / My bitch, call her my bitch if I want” will fulfill your need for... 

Students embrace feminism

Kellie Galentine Assistant LV Life Editor A surge of campus clubs based on the values of feminism are developing on campus, mirroring a national trend. A total of 55 percent of women voters and 30 percent of men voters identified as feminists in a 2012 poll done by Ms. Magazine; and students on campus supporting women’s initiatives through clubs are bringing the trend of feminism to campus. Clubs... 

A feminist playmate?

A feminist playmate?
Gia Karpouzis, sophomore philosophy major, argues that women who pose for Playboy Magazine are doing great harm to the feminist movement. She spoke after her partners, Mary Anne Mendoza, senior political science major, and Marissa Solomon, senior political science and speech communication major. The debate team hosted a public debate Wednesday about the morality of posing for Playboy in honor of Women’s... 

Music Review: Riot grrrl pioneer adapts in ‘Run Fast’

Des Delgadillo Staff Writer As musicians make the ascent from basements to bars, from smoky clubs to raucous concert halls and from talented expressers to exemplary leaders, they amass a catalogue of sound that spans and defines a generation. But there comes a time in every musician’s career when they must sift through the sounds that defined them and choose between a newer, progressive style, or... 

Judy Chicago promotes feminist issues

Judy Chicago promotes feminist issues
Addressing a full house at the Rose Theatre on the Pomona College campus, feminist author, artist and educator Judy Chicago revealed her experiences as a female artist in the male dominated art world of the 1960s and 1970s. During her lecture, Chicago explained the choices she made to promote feminist issues in her art. / photo by Andrew Vasquez  Read More →
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