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Food Court: Students want Bon Appétit to list nutrition information

Karleigh Neff Staff Writer The students at the University of La Verne indulge in a variety of cuisine at the dining halls on campus. Davenport Dining Hall and Barbara’s Place both offer many dishes provided by the management company, Bon Appétit. Students are able to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at either dining hall, and many students living on and off campus rely on them for all three. However,... 

Donut Man attracts sweet crowd

Donut Man attracts sweet crowd
The Donut Man, located in Glendora, has been serving fried, sugary treats to its customers for over 40 years. Established in 1972, the Donut Man is famous for their special donuts filled with fresh fruits such as strawberries and peaches when in season. Peaches are in-season in the summer, but you can get a strawberry one right now at any time since they are open 24 hours. / photo by Christopher Mora Veronica... 

Commentary: Food freedoms in jeopardy

<i>Commentary</i>: Food freedoms in jeopardy
Alex Forbess, Food Editor We love to eat; let us not deny this. Everything we do gives us an excuse to eat and drink what we crave most. One person will work out for extensive hours so his metabolism will burn anything, while another is thinking since he earned a 4.0 GPA, a strawberry doughnut from the Donut Man should compensate him for the hours he put in studying. However, with diet-related health... 

Food Court: La Verne café offers Italy’s finest

<i>Food Court</i>: La Verne café offers Italy's finest
Mike Dietrich and Jody Padfield dine outside at Caffé Allegro on a calm afternoon. Dietrich and Padfield have been coming to Caffé Allegro for years and say they enjoy the food and wine. Caffé Allegro recently acquired a license to serve alcohol on the patio. Outdoor heaters provide diners with a warm outdoor dining experience as well as a view of D Street and Third Street. / photo by Chelsea Knight Karleigh... 

Food Court: New eatery features Asian American fare

<i>Food Court</i>: New eatery features Asian American fare
Spooners, located on D Street in Old Town La Verne, has replaced the former Angel’s Place restaurant, previously in the same location. Spooners, which features Asian-American cuisine, offers breakfast, lunch and early dinner options. / photo by Ryan Gann Clo Hidalgo Staff Writer The relatively new Asian-American restaurant in downtown La Verne, Spooners, has begun to catch on with the hungry stomachs... 

Food Court: Licon continues sweet tradition

<i>Food Court</i>: Licon continues sweet tradition
Junior movement and sports science major A.J. Licon enjoys baking when he finds himself with free time. He got into baking while following his mother around as a child and she put him to work. Licon enjoys baking a variety of desserts but especially likes peanut butter cookies. / photo by Ryan Gann Veronica Orozco LV Life Editor Hidden talents are always fun to figure out, especially when it results... 
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