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Commentary: Bill Nye the ‘all-of-a-sudden political’ Guy

<i>Commentary</i>: Bill Nye the ‘all-of-a-sudden political’ Guy
Christian Orozco, Web Editor Science is a wonderful tool to determine, question and hypothesize different questions we have about Earth and the universe. This is why we learn about different sciences in grade school all the way up to meeting general education requirements in college. Those who excel in this area of education go on to do wonderful things and discover facts that many of us could not.... 

Media should slow down

Since the invention of the Internet, the rate at which the media churns out news has been increasing at an extremely rapid pace. In the early years people could get news briefs on their home page when they logged into their AOL or Yahoo! account. That pace increased exponentially when Twitter made its way into our lives in 2006. Media outlets ranging from the highly respected CNN and Fox News to celebrity... 

Lies and Tiger and branding, oh my!

Lies and Tiger and branding, oh my!
Dan Sayles, Sports Editor If there is one thing to be gleaned from the whole Tiger Woods mistress fiasco, it’s that the American public eats it up like leftover mashed potatoes. There will be few people who think otherwise, and just blame the networks of just being greedy shills, and that they do not reflect the average American. However, let us examine this hypothesis. Is it not simply undone for... 
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