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Food Court: Students want Bon Appétit to list nutrition information

Karleigh Neff Staff Writer The students at the University of La Verne indulge in a variety of cuisine at the dining halls on campus. Davenport Dining Hall and Barbara’s Place both offer many dishes provided by the management company, Bon Appétit. Students are able to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at either dining hall, and many students living on and off campus rely on them for all three. However,... 

Increase gym hours, please

The busy life of the average college student leaves little time for a student to get his or her daily physical workout to stay healthy. Many universities have on-campus gyms accessible for their students and faculty, which is a huge convenience. The University of La Verne is one of those universities that has a gym ostensibly available to students, but in reality, it’s almost never open. Trying to... 

Facing, fighting the freshman 15

Nolasco Pesina Staff Writer With late-night study sessions, busy schedules and the new-found freedom to eat and drink what you want, it becomes easy to gain weight. The freshman 15 is something that a lot of students are aware of but do nothing about. “With all these things changing, students don’t know how to handle the stress,” Matt Durant, director of strength and conditioning, said. “Our... 
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