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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, I support Gloria Montebruno Saller’s opposition to the atomic bomb in that we should not need to use weapons like this (“Effects of atomic bomb still felt.” Sept. 19). However, as the daughter of a Navy officer who was on an aircraft carrier headed to Japan in August of 1945, I also know the far greater toll in life if the war has not ended when it did. This decision was the... 

Effects of atomic bomb still felt

Effects of atomic bomb still felt
Gloria Montebruno Saller of the modern languages department points out the blast-radius of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima during World War II. Saller’s lecture was titled “Atomic Bomb Survivors’ Oral Histories: Preserving the Memories of August 6, 1945.” If a person lived or was in utero, within a certain distance from the bomb or entered the most radioactive areas within two weeks of... 

Students and faculty entranced by tea ceremony

Veronica Orozco LV Life Editor Students and faculty gathered together and joined the Japanese Culture Club to see world famous Kyoko Kageyama perform a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony April 18 in the Campus Center. The ballroom was filled with curious spectators sitting in seats and some even lined up against the wall trying to catch a glimpse of this symbolic ceremony. “I knew there were meanings... 
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