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Crowding diminishes quality

La Verne has bitten off more than it can chew with students who have transferred to the University from other institutions this semester. The problems of unusually large class sizes — combined with a lack of physical space to house classes, cars, etc. — went from bad in fall 2012 to worse this spring. The number of students who have been admitted this semester alone threatens to keep transfers... 

Sports complex faces rough road: Timing of construction projects puts the squeeze on athletes, MSS program

Jason D. Cox Staff Writer The University of La Verne plans to build new athletics facilities on its Campus West property, located south of Arrow Highway and west of Wheeler Avenue, no later than Dec. 31, 2013. As exciting as a new complex may be, the removal of athletic facilities from the main campus means that ULV sports teams are forced to take their activities elsewhere. Based on their past experiences,... 

Dorm construction leads city’s growth skyward

Dorm construction leads city’s growth skyward
Jason D. Cox Staff Writer As the University of La Verne continues to grow and mature, so too does the city of La Verne. However land availability has its limits, and when building outward is no longer possible, there is nowhere to go but up. “We don’t have much land, but we keep growing and need more facility space,” Executive Vice President Phil Hawkey said. ULV’s new residence hall, currently... 

Enrollment outpacing dorm capacity

Enrollment outpacing dorm capacity
Jason D. Cox Staff Writer Even with the new dorm scheduled to open in Fall 2012, University of La Verne housing could still have a tough time keeping pace with enrollment if enrollment continues to grow as it has for the past few years. The new residence hall, currently under construction on D Street between First and Second streets, is the latest attempt by the University of La Verne administration... 
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