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Religion can’t cut birth control

A provision of the Affordable Care Act that requires employers to provide birth control as part of worker health plans has reached the Supreme Court, marking the second time the High Court has scrutinized the new health care law.

Shutdown ends, problems persist

After 16 days, the government shutdown has finally ended with Congress giving final approval to a budget compromise. Yet it seems that just as effects were beginning to trickle down, citizens were barely starting to take notice.

LV women favor free birth control

When a group of 10 women students were asked about birth control provided by their University of La Verne health plan, seven of the 10 said they would not be on the pill if the school did not provide it for free.

Joan Branin reviews health care project

Joan Branin reviews health care project

Joan Branin, professor of health services management, reviewed a project that trains people to promote disabilities awareness among Hispanic communities in Los Angeles, on Monday.

First steps may not leave big prints

First steps may not leave big prints

After going through the reform process, it still seems like an initial step to improve the American health care system; a first step in the direction of universal health care, something that many feel is the only moral ends to reform.

What health care reform means

President Obama has finally delivered his first major win: the health care bill. With the passing of the health care reform bill on Sunday, Democrats had a lot to celebrate.

Let 'em filibuster

Let 'em filibuster

In President Obama’s first State of the Union address he resembled the candidate who was swept into office last November.

Letter to the Editor

After reading the Nov. 6 edition of the Campus Times, a few members of our student body became extremely concerned about a certain opinion piece entitled, “Diversity leading to destruction.”

Being healthy has its benefits

Since the public option seems more and more likely to be included in a healthcare reform bill, an important part that might be overshadoweded is preventative health.


Diversity leading to destruction

Diversity leading to destruction

Last Friday, President Obama lifted a 22-year-old ban that barred persons with the HIV/AIDS virus from traveling to the United States. Since 1981, more than 25 million people have died of HIV/AIDS.

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