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Islamophobia still prevalent

Islamophobia still prevalent
editorial cartoon by Jacob Bogdanoff Americans like to boast about the United States being a land of opportunity, freedom and justice, but it clearly does not apply to everyone, especially people of Muslim origins. Fourteen-year-old Ahmed Mohamed of Irving, Texas, took a clock he made to school Sept. 14, and was subsequently suspended and arrested for having what policed had believed to be a hoax bomb,... 

Clinton’s scandal is extraneous

Hillary Clinton’s email scandal has put her under the public’s scrutiny even more so than usual. It was revealed earlier this month that Clinton, during her stint as Secretary of State, used her private email address as opposed to her work-related one to conduct government business. In a press conference, Clinton said that she used her personal email, which is not forbidden by the State Department,... 

KFC special: Disgusting as usual

Body image has always been a big issue when it comes to women in the media. Whether they are models in the spotlight for their appearance – or politicians in the spotlight because of their savvy words and intellect – they can’t seem to escape scrutiny and objectification. Even Hillary Clinton, perhaps the most politically powerfully women in the nation, is still subject to this kind of sexism. And... 
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