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Koontz’s music brings prestige

Koontz’s music brings prestige
Senior behavioral public relations major Mathieu Koontz enjoys making music in his free time. Koontz taught himself to play the piano at age 11 and has been producing his own music since he was 16. His musical influence comes from his family members who have many musical talents. Koontz hopes to get discovered and signed as an artist in the near future. / photo by Stephanie Ball Julian Mininsohn Sports... 

Ruslan’s poetry inspires, entertains

Ruslan’s poetry inspires, entertains
Hip hop artist Ruslan Karaoglanovn creates hip hop music to motivate and entertain his audience. CAB and the Cypher Circle presented the performance of Ruslan’s poetry and rap in the Campus Center Monday. / photo by Kelley Maggiulli Karla Rendon Staff Writer San Diego-based artist Ruslan Karaoglanov captivated students on Monday with his fun raps and charismatic stage presence. Performing at the... 

Poets bare souls in hip-hop praise

Poets bare souls in hip-hop praise
Performers come onto the stage to encourage Christopher Pulu, a junior speech communications major and Sasha Jones, a junior political science major, who each read their poetry in a competition called “Beats vs. Lyrics” Nov. 30, in Dailey Theatre. Spoken Wordplay hosted an open mic tribute to hip-hop that included groups from the University of La Verne and the Corner Poets from Cal State San Bernardino.... 

Commentary: Hip-hop is no longer an art form

<i>Commentary</i>: Hip-hop is no longer an art form
Christian Orozco, Sports Editor The 1970s gave us many things to be proud of. Things like beanbag chairs and Farrah Fawcett. A couple things people from the 1970s are not too proud of were their bell-bottoms and their love for disco music. In 2012 we have an equivalent to bell bottoms and disco, and that is mainstream hip-hop and snapbacks. The hip hop industry has taken a turn for the worst and the... 


‘Gypsy Passion’ The Department of Music is sponsoring, “Gypsy Passion, Michael Ryan and Friends” at 7:30 p.m. Saturday in the Morgan Auditorium. The music is inspired by the passionate flair of the Spanish guitar, all played by Ryan, professor of music. “Gypsy Passion” will also feature flamenco dancers, Claudia de la Cruz and Kathy Soderlund. Doors open at 7 p.m. and admission is free.... 

Commentary: Nicki Minaj saves hip-hop with ‘Pink Friday’ album

<i>Commentary</i>: Nicki Minaj saves hip-hop with ‘Pink Friday’ album
Michael Phillips, LV Life Editor In the last few months it has been hard to not hear Nicki Minaj on the radio, whether it was on singer Trey Songz’ “Bottoms Up,” Sean Kingston’s “Dutty Love” or her own song “Your Love.” To many, the Lil Wayne protégé has magically appeared on the music scene, but she has actually been making music since 2007. The female rapper has done what few other... 
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