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Homeless student must live in car

Lauren Creiman News Editor It is almost midnight and Adam Gray stands outside the entrance to the Oaks D-top building with a cell phone to his ear. He paces back-and-forth with a slight edge of impatience. The call goes to voicemail, and he snaps his phone shut. “Maybe he’s asleep already,” Gray says as he sits down on the stairs. “I’ll try him again in a few minutes. If not, I’ll just... 

Housing should be need based

Housing should be need based
Editorial cartoon by Anthony Juarez With tuition rising and the state slowly pulling Cal Grants, it is no wonder that many students are scraping to find places to live while they further their education. Several instances of students crashing in friend’s dorms or using their cars as a home away from home have been heard of on the University of La Verne’s campus. Many of these instances can be blamed... 
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