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Periods aren’t shameful

In the beginning, a woman menstruated. Today, women still menstruate, yet after thousands of years of documented human existence, periods are still seen as taboo and disgusting in mainstream U.S. culture. Last week, Canadian-based poet Rupi Kaur posted an Instagram photo of her sister sleeping on her side displaying a small circle of blood on her sweatpants—a period leak. Instagram removed the photo... 

Big brother heads to Glendale

Students posting about their dreadful return to school on social networking sites beware: the Glendale Unified School district announced last week that it would begin monitoring their online activity. Geo Listening, a Hermosa Beach company, will collect information from students’ posts on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and deliver a daily report to Glendale school... 

Commentary: #Do #not #hashtag #everything

<i>Commentary</i>: #Do #not #hashtag #everything
Brian Velez, LV Life Editor I wish the Soviet Union still existed and the communists forced people to ration their hashtags. Hashtags on social media are used to connect people but some people use hashtags all the time. Hashtags work like the index of a book, allowing people to find conversations or comments on some social media by using specific words. A person may enter #NewYork in the search bar... 
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