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Really, let’s #bringbackourgirls

April 15 marked the kidnapping of more than 300 Nigerian schoolgirls by militant Islamic group Boko Haram, but May 1 marked the world’s late attention to the issue.

Perry’s video only for shock value

The one thing that is worse than when fame inflates an artist’s ego to the size of a God, is when they think they can make a mockery of one.

Get it right the first time

In times of terror, such as last week when the Boston Marathon bombings erupted into random attacks of violence by two unidentified suspects, citizens drew conclusions from past events to assume the cultural background of criminals and the reason for their attacks.

Muslims defend their jihad

Since the World Trade Center towers fell in 2001, almost anything having to do with Islam or the Muslim culture has become an automatic “go-to” for blame. Nervous Americans have turned terms used by Muslims into synonyms for “terrorism.” The question that has to be asked is how is the Muslim community reacting to these anti-Islamic extremists?

Clubs work together to celebrate Eid-al-Adha

Several multicultural and religious clubs on campus assembled to host an event for the Islamic holiday Eid-al-Adha.

Video tests free speech

While some Muslims around the world violently protest against “Innocence of Muslims” – a 14-minute video posted on YouTube that goes out of its way to offend Muslims and the prophet Muhammad – the question of censorship arises.

Panel discusses Islamic politics

Panel discusses Islamic politics

After embarrassment, torture and manipulation from governments that have ruled for decades, citizens across the Middle East had one response to this oppression: enough. This sentiment was echoed by the Muslim Student Association in a panel on May 3 in the Campus Center Ballroom.

Lecture addresses the politics of fear

Lecture addresses the politics of fear

Jason Neidleman, professor of political science, and Gitty Amini, associate professor of political science, discussed the effects of 9/11 on the liberty and security of society in their lecture on Tuesday.

Interfaith issues emphasized at roundtable

Interfaith issues emphasized at roundtable

About 15 students and faculty discussed religion and unity at the Interfaith Student Round­table for Hope and Peace last week in the Campus Center.

Muslim Student Association provides introduction to Islam

The Campus Center Ballroom was open to all students and faculty looking to have a better understanding of Islam during the Muslim Students Association’s first official event of the spring semester, titled “Islam 101.”

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