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TMZ shouldn't tee-up news

With all the controversy surrounding the Tiger Woods case, we are in a sense left to rely on one source: TMZ.

Doing what you love

Doing what you love

Many people ask me why I choose to be in journalism when newspapers are dying and people are not interested in reading the news anymore.

Pollock outlines the future of news

Pollock outlines the future of news

The future of media outlets and their advancing electronic roles took center stage with University of La Verne’s Don Pollock’s lecture, “Media Convergence: The Future of How We (Will) Get Our News and Information.”

Shield journalists' rights to truth

As journalists we aspire to seek truth, expose the wrong and set those within government straight, in fact it is what we spend all of our lives doing. It seems so simple, just speak out and expose the wrong. But if only it were that easy.


LV site embodies 'hyperlocal' trend in online journalism

With newspapers across the country taking a slow plunge and in some areas disappearing altogether, a new form of journalism – “hyperlocal” Web based publications have begun to fill the void – even in La Verne.

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