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Social media shifts the ‘revolution’

Lauren Creiman Special to the Times An artfully crafted video portrays a 5-year-old boy learning of cruelty in another corner of the Earth for the first time. The boy’s name is Gavin Russell, and his doe eyes widen with sadness and confusion as he is told of the Lord’s Resistance Army in an interview-like conversation with his father. He cannot comprehend that such evil can exist, and that a man... 

Research before you donate

Research before you donate
Editorial cartoon by Jason D. Cox Every year, countless walks, raffles and events collect money for causes people are passionate about. Millions of dollars are poured into these causes, with donors hoping that the collected money will find a cure or end a war. However, after the “donate” button is clicked or the check is sent off a majority of people don’t bother to check to see where their money... 
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