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Defining what La Verne has always done

Jason D. Cox Senior Editor For more than 120 years, University of La Verne students have taken part in an inexplicable shared culture. It has always been here. It has evolved just as the people involved in it have, but until now, it had not been named. The “La Verne Experience,” such as it is now, is an initiative to define the experience common to all who have studied at any of the University’s... 

Linked classes to launch for freshmen

Veronica Sepulveda Staff Writer Starting in fall 2012, incoming freshmen at the University will be place in “learning communities” or linked classes, as the University begins to implement changes with the goal of creating a “La Verne Experience” that supports students and distinguishes the University. “Learning communities” are based on an interdisciplinary approach, or putting groups... 
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