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Foolish news overshadows real issues

Foolish news overshadows real issues
Editorial cartoon by Jacob Bogdanoff and Des Delgadillo What began as a slow news day quickly became an internet free for all a few weeks ago, after some llamas got loose and a dress left people baffled. But as much as the headlines proclaimed the “Alpacalypse” or “What color is this dress?” the real takeaway from the most recent media frenzy sees too much focus on the absurd and too little... 

First-person experience: Taking a walk on the wild side

<i>First-person experience</i>: Taking a walk on the wild side
Sharon “Mama Llama” Brucato and her husband, Paul, have been walking llamas for the last six years thanks to their son’s interest with the animals at an early age. They keep five llamas in their private residence in Yorba Linda, which is fully certified and licensed to house the animals. For a $50 fee, guests can walk, feed and pet the llamas and receive a lesson on the behavior and characteristics... 
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