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Students express need for equality

Yaya Pineda Staff Writer The Lordsburg Debate Union hosted its first Freedom of Speech Day Wednesday night at the Rock, where students had the opportunity to voice their opinions on any topic of their choice. The event commemorated the 225th anniversary of the signing of the Bill of Rights. “Tonight was about voicing opinions and free speech,” said Colin Fisk, president of the Lordsburg Debate... 

Faculty joins debate to celebrate team’s centennial

Faculty joins debate to celebrate team's centennial
In the second preliminary round of the Faculty Debate series, Jay Jones, professor of biology and biochemistry, passionately sides with the government on the motion, “This house should peg the retirement compensation arrangements of all company executives to the average wage of that company’s workers.” The event, Tuesday in La Fetra, was hosted by the debate team. / photo by Brittney Slater-Shew Brian... 
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