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Media still mock mentally ill

If your reaction to Amanda Bynes’ mental breakdown was to laugh, but your reaction to Robin Williams’ suicide was to cry — you’re a hypocrite. The stigmas associated with mental illness are still strong and the misunderstanding of mental illness is even worse — something that is very easy to see in the pop culture saturated media. A quick Google search brings up page after page of sensationalist... 

‘Every Mind Matters’ in the media

‘Every Mind Matters’ in the media
Lauren Creiman moderates her senior project event “Every Mind Matters: Changing Media Treatment of Mental Illness” April 24. The presentation was part of Creiman’s senior project for her double major in journalism and speech communication. / photo by Julian Burrell Cody Luk Assistant Arts Editor The perceptions of mental illnesses from the media and society were discussed at “Every Mind Matters:... 

Troubled stars need compassion

With such high profile deaths, people are often left wondering why talented people with glowing careers fall victim to drug addiction. Academy Award winner Philip Seymour Hoffman’s tragic death on Feb. 2. reminded the public about the realities of drug addiction, even for the most successful and acclaimed public figures. River Phoenix, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse and, most recently, Cory Monteith,... 
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