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NFL breaks gender barriers

NFL breaks gender barriers
editorial cartoon by Jacob Bogdanoff and Des Delgadillo Sarah Thomas will soon be on football fields alongside six other referees as the National Football League’s first full-time female official, but some doubt her ability to participate in a historically male-dominated sport simply because she is a woman. Thomas was one of 21 finalists in the NFL officiating development program and was hired as... 

Periods aren’t shameful

In the beginning, a woman menstruated. Today, women still menstruate, yet after thousands of years of documented human existence, periods are still seen as taboo and disgusting in mainstream U.S. culture. Last week, Canadian-based poet Rupi Kaur posted an Instagram photo of her sister sleeping on her side displaying a small circle of blood on her sweatpants—a period leak. Instagram removed the photo... 

Misogyny headlines La Vernapalooza

If the lyrics: “Beating and stabbing it / Speaking of stabbing it where ya bitch she just text me,” don’t tickle your fancy. Then maybe: “She wants to touch me / She wants to love me / She’ll never leave me / Don’t trust a ho / Never trust a ho” or “See the switch when she walk / Give the bitch an applause / My bitch, call her my bitch if I want” will fulfill your need for... 
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