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‘Fifty Shades’ is abuse, not romance

The highly anticipated “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie was a financial success with masses of mommy bloggers and impressionable teenage girls flocking to see the controversial and taboo movie Valentine’s Day weekend. However, having high commercial success doesn’t make up for the fact that “Fifty Shades” is a dangerous film. In “Fifty Shades,” naive college student Anastasia Steele gets... 

Class takes close look at sports films

Christian Orozco Sports Editor For three semesters Paul Alvarez, professor of movement and sports science, has been showcasing sports films for the students of La Verne in his class American Values in Sports Films. This semester Alvarez has about 30 students in his class. “A lot of these movies relate back to religion and politics and those things relate to culture and social aspects in America,”... 

Commentary: 3-D movies are not necessary

<i>Commentary</i>: 3-D movies are not necessary
Kristen Campbell, Editor in Chief I go to the movies quite often. I probably go too often if you ask my friends; I have seen the movies most television previews advertise. I enjoy being entertained and escaping from the world for two hours during a stressful week. Throughout all of my movie-going, I have noticed an annoying, and some may say alarming, trend among movies. Picture this scenario: you... 
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