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Commentary: Coachella confuses appropriation for style

<i>Commentary:</i> Coachella confuses appropriation for style
Karla Rendon, Arts Editor The past two weekends gave music enthusiasts the chance to see their favorite musicians in Indio during the annual music festival, Coachella. While crowd favorites such as Arcade Fire, Outkast and Queens of the Stone Age were in attendance, so were people wrongfully sporting cultural symbols of importance such as bindis and Native American headdresses for the sake of fashion. Among... 

Teams should stop racist names

With our world becoming increasingly progressive, the sports realm is starting to finally get a dose of political correctness, and rightfully so. Recently, the Washington Redskins, D.C.’s NFL team, for those not athletically knowledgeable, has come under a lot of controversy for their admittedly racist name. Although the name has been criticized for a long time, President Obama’s recent remarks... 
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