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Netflix distracts students from their studies

Kayla Hockman Staff Writer Netflix’s popularity is spreading like wildfire on college campuses, specifically the University of La Verne. During an informal survey of 15, ULV students were asked their opinions on Netflix and the reasons for its popularity. The survey showed that 13 students out of 15 currently watch Netflix. “I usually spend about four to five hours a week watching Netflix,”... 

Consumers need net neutrality

Consumers need net neutrality
Editorial cartoon by Jacob Bogdanoff / @Jacob_Bogdanoff Our internet, a remarkable and game-changing platform for media, self-expression and entrepreneurship, teeters at the brink of becoming the play-thing of big business and broadband providers. The Internet can change forever since the FCC approved a proposal to completely restructure the online world. The digital death blow comes in the form of... 

Commentary: Net neutrality may be a thing of the past

<i>Commentary</i>: Net neutrality may be a thing of the past
Des Delgadillo, Copy Chief Netflix and Comcast agreed to a deal last month that will see Netflix pay the U.S. Internet service provider an undisclosed amount in exchange for faster access to customers. For the average user, the deal means “Orange is the New Black” will load quicker, but at a dangerous precedent for how internet and content providers do business in the future. Although the recent... 

Commentary: Ruining your childhood, one cartoon at a time

<i>Commentary</i>: Ruining your childhood, one cartoon at a time
Veronica Orozco, LV Life Editor Waking up on a Saturday morning to watch cartoons was always a weekly ritual for me as I am sure it was for most children in America. Though I am only 20 years old I have seen shows like “Power Puff Girls” slowly fade into the past and other shows like “Scooby Doo” morph from a once beloved children’s mystery show to a high school drama focusing more on relationships... 

Netflix service split is unnecessary

Netflix service split is unnecessary
Editorial Cartoon by Anthony Juarez Netflix had a business model that worked. With more than 25 million subscribers in just the Western Hemisphere, the movie rental titan seemed unstoppable. The company has experienced growth for four consecutive years and was poised to continue the trend. With the decline of companies such as Hollywood Video and Blockbuster, Netflix was at the top of the movie rental... 
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