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Fuhrman reviews principles of nutritarian diet

Emily Lau Metro Editor Best-selling author and family physician Dr. Joel Fuhrman addressed the health benefits and importance of eating a nutritarian diet to students and faculty members through Skype Thursday in the Arts and Communications Building. As a physician, Fuhrman is dedicated to persuading people to adopt a nutritarian diet, which is what he calls a diet that contains foods that are dense... 

Supplements should be consumed cautiously

Erum Jaffrey Arts Editor The dietary supplement industry is booming with reported sales reaching $13 billion in 2013, but there is a common public misperception on how these supplements really affect human bodies. According to the Food and Drug Administration, dietary supplements are intended to add further nutritional value to the diet and can be in tablet, capsule, softgel, liquid or powder form. Vitamins,... 

Food Court: Students want Bon Appétit to list nutrition information

Karleigh Neff Staff Writer The students at the University of La Verne indulge in a variety of cuisine at the dining halls on campus. Davenport Dining Hall and Barbara’s Place both offer many dishes provided by the management company, Bon Appétit. Students are able to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at either dining hall, and many students living on and off campus rely on them for all three. However,... 
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