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Lance Armstrong: just another liar in sports

Lance Armstrong: just another liar in sports
Lance Armstrong is undoubtedly a known name in the current athletic world after winning seven Tour de France races. However recently, Armstrong is not known for his success as a cyclist, but rather the cheating behind it. Armstrong was not only a stand-out in the cycling industry, he was an inspiration to millions of people as a cancer survivor. That was before he was caught doping in several of his... 

Commentary: PEDs change sports world forever

<i>Commentary</i>: PEDs change sports world forever
Julian Mininsohn, Sports Editor It is easy to think that baseball is ruined. From the Alex Rodriguez debacle to Ryan Braun lying to the face of the sports world it is hard to believe that the legacy of America’s favorite pastime is not tarnished. However, “ruined” may not be the correct word. Performance enhancing drugs have changed the lens through which we look at sports. The business of sports... 
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