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Commentary: Shame on our candidates

<i>Commentary</i>: Shame on our candidates
Illustration by Jacob Bogdanoff Alex Forbess, Editorial Director I was selfish; forgive me for being so blind last week. Sometimes politics puts me in a bad mood. Last week’s column was used as a way to vent about the endless, repetitive acts I have seen from President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney. Even though it still irritates that it is sometimes difficult to pay attention to... 

Put issues above appearance

As the presidential election is almost upon us, the people of the United States have been subjected to the petty slap attacks between our two major candidates over the course of the debates. Audiences have watched as the candidates have bounced insults and ideas off each other and reacted on-the-spot to criticism. But the question has to be asked: What about the reactions of the undecided voters who... 

Celebrity alum hosts debate party

Celebrity alum hosts debate party
The second Presidential debate, Tuesday, brought excitement to La Verne in the form of Ross Mathews, television personality from E! News. Students sat in the Nancy & Jerry Laird Lounge with cameras rolling as they watched the debate and answered questions brought up by Mathews. / photo by Zachary Horton Veronica Orozco News Editor La Verne alumnus and E! News talent Ross Mathews returned to the... 

Commentary: Debate proves to be a school yard brawl

<i>Commentary</i>: Debate proves to be a school yard brawl
Alex Forbess, Editorial Director So here is the storyline of the presidential debates the United States have seen so far. First, it was anarchy with Republican nominee Mitt Romney throwing more misinterpreted facts, yet President Barack Obama was too zoned out to counter-attack, which led some political junkies to his work. Then there was the Vice-Presidential Debate on Oct. 11, where it was a “release... 
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