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Commentary: Empty plots butcher modern horror

<i>Commentary</i>: Empty plots butcher modern horror
Christina Collins Burton, Managing Editor It is Halloween, a time I usually like to celebrate by going to see the latest installment of a horror movie franchise that studios love to beat to death. This year it will be “Paranormal Activity 3,” which I have very little hope for. Last year it was the final “Saw” film, which only confused me and made me very angry with the Jigsaw legacy. I am beginning... 

Scary movies keep students frightened

Elsie Ramos Sports Editor When the month of October hits, the time comes to put that romantic comedy away and turn off the lights, lock your doors, pop some popcorn, turn up the surround sound and watch your favorite scary movie. Whether it is blood and gore or a psychological thriller, there is something about scary movies that has people wanting more, especially during the Halloween season. “People... 
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