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No more orca shows

SeaWorld, the world’s largest holder of orcas in captivity, is finally putting an end to its killer whale entertainment shows at SeaWorld San Diego in 2017. However, the animals are not yet free. They will still be housed in the animal theme park for a new “orca experience” that will focus on conservation education with emphasis on “natural setting” and “natural environment,” according... 

Commentary: A whale of a problem

<i>Commentary</i>: A whale of a problem
Kevin Garrity, Editor in Chief It was terribly sad to hear the news about Dawn Brancheau, the SeaWorld whale trainer who was drowned by one of the show’s orcas last week. It’s hard to imagine what her family is going through at this moment. But how surprising did the news come for people? The irregularity of such events might be astonishing given that these whales are habitually wild who don’t... 
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