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Students give opinion on ‘hooking up’ at LV

Amber J. Guadez Staff Writer Brian Velez Life Editor Many college students have sex without expectations of a relationship, they call it “hooking up.” At the University of La Verne campus views are mixed towards hooking up, from the 12 students surveyed there was a mix of seeing it as good or bad. “I think its fine, as long as those people are not in a relationship and know what they’re getting... 

College students overshare STDs

College students overshare STDs
Frank Elaridi Senior Editor It was close to evening and Barbara’s Place was nearly empty – only clusters of students filled the seats. One group that hung out at a table outside was happy to talk about sexual health – in general. The students got quieter, however, when asked if they would share their STD status on the Internet. “That’s private information,” Sabrina Ruiz, a freshman broadcasting... 

Commentary: Not like the movies

<i>Commentary</i>: Not like the movies
Kristen Campbell, Editor in Chief The typical college experience is depicted in movies as the most exciting time of any person’s life full of parties, Greek life and experiencing new things. The depiction is pretty accurate, especially the extreme drug and alcohol use, and the open sex lives. However in my case, I make movies look like liars. I do not drink, I do not use drugs, illegal or legal,... 
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