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iPhone 5 piques student interest

iPhone 5 piques student interest
Alec Young texts his girlfriend on his iPhone as he waits for his first class of the day to begin, while Sean Kusick talks with a fellow track teammate about the NCAA compliance meeting they just attended outside on the patio by Barbara‚Äôs Place. The invention of the iPhone changed handheld phones from voice contact devices to full-fledged miniature computers. / photo by Jessica Harsen Robert Penalber News... 

Phones get extravagant

Jennahway Huerta Staff Writer Smartphones are more than all the rage, they are almost an essential part of college life. Since the first mobile phone weighing just over four pounds was created in 1973, the size and shape of mobile phones have changed dramatically. And smartphones, mobile phones that are all-in-one, portable phone, organizer, email device, camera, SMS device and more, are everywhere... 
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