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Toxic metals found in e-cigarettes

Toxic metals found in e-cigarettes
West Covina residents Marty Vigil, Gary Bruner and Ray Marquez, sit at the”juice bar” at the West Covina e-cigarette and vaporizer store, Vapor Devils, located at 500 N. Azusa Ave. #111, West Covina. Vigil, Bruner, and Marquez sample from a variety of e-liquids, or”juices,” and recommend their favorites to each other. All three are regular customers of Vapor Devils, which opened a year and... 

Leaver explores smoke imagery

Leaver explores smoke imagery
Associate Professor of Art History Jon Leaver spoke about “Smoke Imagery and Contemporary Art in Los Angeles” at the faculty lecture Monday. Leaver looked at smoking in historic and contemporary painting in Los Angeles throughout his studies. / photo by Kelly Maggiulli Danielle Hunt Staff Writer Monday’s faculty lecture in the President’s Dining Room focused on the effects of smoke in contemporary... 

Housing tightens alcohol, smoking policies

Christina Collins Burton Editorial Director With the start of the new school year, the housing office has updated its policies to make them easier to understand and implement. Housing has increased enforcement of anti-drug and alcohol policies and expanded its no-smoking policy to extend outside the dorms. “We went through and rewrote our policies because we thought they weren’t the easiest to... 

More to ‘Rango’ than smoking

More to ‘Rango’ than smoking
Editorial cartoon by Anthony Juarez “Rango,” the animated children’s film, has been sparking controversy even before it opened due to the amount of smoking in the movie and the effect it may have on children. Critics of the movie say that it influences children to take up smoking because the characters smoke excessively. The National Cancer Institute found that the more smoking children see on-screen,... 
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Commentary: Policies need to be enforced

<i>Commentary</i>: Policies need to be enforced
Kristen Campbell, Editor in Chief Laws, policies and rules are made everywhere to make those involved safe. They are at companies, in countries and even at the University of La Verne. However ULV seems to make some policies just to up their reputation, not to actually abide by them. On the Campus Safety website, it says, “The University of La Verne is a ‘dry’ campus … prohibiting possession... 

Policy limits smokers to parking lots

Policy limits smokers to parking lots
Sophomore Abdul Dolaimi takes a smoking break between classes in parking lot C. The 22 year-old uses this time to relax and socialize with his friends. Students are now limited to smoking in designated areas of the parking lots. / photo by Allison Lavelle Amanda Nieto Staff Writer The new smoking policy, which took effect Jan. 1 and banishes smokers to parking lots and a few designated smoking areas,... 

Commentary: Smokers have rights too

<i>Commentary</i>: Smokers have rights too
Branden del Rio, News Editor Not too long ago the University of La Verne adopted a policy which would further restrict where smokers could smoke. The policy, which will be enforced on Jan. 1, will restrict smokers to lighting up in parking lots. As long as smokers are acting within the law they should not face poor treatment. Under California Law AB 846 smoking is prohibited 20 feet away from the entrance... 

New policy will further restrict smoking

Brittany Lawrence Staff Writer The students and employees of the University of La Verne no longer have to worry about walking through a cloud of secondhand smoke. A new policy restricts smoking to only parking lots and public sidewalks that are directly adjacent to University parking lots. The policy was approved on Oct. 15 and will be enforced beginning Jan. 1, 2011. “I think this policy is useless.... 

Watch where you put your butts

Many smokers call it an attack on their ever-dwindling freedoms, but if Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signs Senate Bill 4, public health and the environment will be much better off. The bill would ban smoking at state beaches and parks throughout California – an unprecedented feat for pushers of a smoke-free environment. Violators would have to pay a $100 citation if caught. While we typically frown... 
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