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Debt is below U.S. average

Amanda Larsh Assistant News Editor The average federal student loan debt at the University of La Verne for 2013 is about $22,000, said Diane Anchundia, director of financial aid. According to CNN, the average U.S. student loan debt for 2012 is $29,400, up from $26,000 in 2011. “Part of the reason why our student loan debt is so low is because our students would rather take on jobs or their parents... 

Tuition increase is unjustified

Tuition increase is unjustified
Editorial cartoon by Jason D. Cox Attention students: Prepare to empty your wallets, max out your credit cards and expand your debt as you pursue your education at the University of La Verne. A 6.5 percent increase in tuition has been approved for the 2012-2013 school year, bringing tuition up to $33,350, which is $2,050 more than for the 2011-2012 school year. The class of 2013 will be paying $5,100... 

School debt leaves students cold

School debt leaves students cold
Editorial cartoon by Jason D. Cox Republicans in the Senate blocked the Democrats’ bill Tuesday that would prevent the interest rates of the Stafford Loan from doubling July 1. The interest rate that is currently 3.4 percent would double to 6.8 percent, a price that only adds to the thicket of debt students are fighting. Stafford Loans are federal education loans that were borrowed by about 7.4 billion... 

Economy, debt troubles complicate post-grad plans

Allison Lavelle Staff Writer In an ailing economy many college students find themselves trying to fund their education with loans, and when they graduate they end up thousands of dollars in debt with no job offers. According to The Project on Student Debt, an organization that collects debt data and works to make education more affordable, the class of 2010 graduated with an average of $25,250 of debt,... 
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