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First-person experience: Dangers don’t deter long boarder

<i>First-person experience</i>: Dangers don’t deter long boarder
Illustration by Jacob Bogdanoff Sydney Daly-Weber Staff Writer Tires screech; hearts stop. That is the feeling I get when I ride around school and an accident almost occurs. Being a student who rides a long board around campus, I know first-hand how crazy drivers can be. They drive too fast, do not completely stop at stop signs, and they do not pay enough attention to their surroundings. They are not... 

Building upward has high price tag

Building upward has high price tag
This fall the University of La Verne received 650 freshmen and 200 transfer students, creating the largest student body in the school’s 121-year history. To accommodate the new students the campus has undergone significant development. Vista La Verne, the new residence hall seen second from the right, houses 373 students. Davenport Dining Hall, Ortmayer Stadium and parking lots have also undergone... 

Students, look before you cross

Cars stop at the intersection of D and Second streets, students walk through the crosswalk, more students walk, and it never stops. A proper intersection has a traffic light, where people and cars take turns yielding the right of way. D and Second Street is not a proper intersection. Although no intersection accidents have been reported people should make an effort to maintain a safe crosswalk. Although... 
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